Data Privacy Factsheet: Time to Strengthen Your Data Privacy Management Program

Businesses today encounter numerous data privacy risks when they collect, process, and store personal data or personally identifiable information (PII). At this time, there’s a multitude of state, federal, international, and industry-specific regulations setting requirements around how businesses ought to collect, store, process, utilize, and dispose of PII. Businesses that do not invest in maintaining a robust privacy program can be fined hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars for a single privacy incident and lose hard-earned customer trust.

There’s never been a better time than now to build a strong privacy risk management program. Download this fact-sheet to learn how you can build an effective, enterprise-wide data privacy program that allows you to comply with multiple, disparate data privacy laws around the globe. Key topics covered include:

  • Recent developments in data privacy laws
  • 10 privacy compliance pitfalls to watchout for
  • Key actions to take to add rigor to your data privacy risk management program
  • How to use Compliance Operations software to effectively manage privacy risks and compliance requirements 

Download the Factsheet


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